Photographic Tours

Photography is a hobby for many of our guests, and we certainly include this as an activity on all of our tours.However, for those interested in improving their skills as a photographer, or looking to add to their repertoire or photographs, you often need more time in an area as well as space to set your gear up. For this reason, we will be limiting our group size to 6 people. Our guides on these tours have a passion for photography, have worked as photographers in the industry, and love sharing this passion with guests.

Check out our Tour Calendar to see what photographic tours are running, or contact us directly for more information.

Our Tour Photo galleries


Spring in the Southern Ranges

With snow still on the mountains, and many of the iconic mammals such as bears, mountain goats and big horn sheep down low in the valley, we expect great photographic opportunities on this tour! While this is not exclusively a photographic tour, our small group will allow us to get closer to subjects and considerably improve our wildlife viewing experience. It will be perfect for enthusiastic wildlife photographers of all abilities and we anticipate that this tour will provide some spectacular photographic opportunities.....hopes of lots of large mammals and birds against hoarfrost covered forests, prairie scenes and a backdrop of snow covered mountains.


Rut in the Rockies

With the combination of autumn colour and large mammals, such as bull moose and elk, in their rut season, this tour should prove to be an exciting adventure. Though this is mostly a general natural history tour, we know the tour will provide some fantastic opportunities for photographers of all abilities and should suit anyone looking to capture some action and drama in their wildlife images. This is a small group tour affording us better wildlife viewing opportunities and, with lots of time spent at productive wildlife hotspots, there should be plenty of opportunities to get creative too. Think autumn light through golden aspens, misty mornings over frost-covered grasslands and fresh snow fall on the mountains and you get the picture.