photo by @aska_koziara

photo by @aska_koziara

About Us

Lutra Wildlife and Wilderness began in 2014 as a collaboration between Lee and Lindsay, guides who share a passion for wildlife, wilderness, photography and bringing people to exceptional places. We value quality experiences, and support local businesses that can provide this for our guests. In addition to the high standard that we set for ourselves, the people we choose to work with are professionals that have outstanding reputations in their field of work.

Lutra Wildlife and Wilderness is licenced as a Travel Wholesaler with Consumer Protection BC.

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YOur guides

Both Lee and Lindsay hold Bachelors of Science, are trained in advanced wilderness first aid, and have a vast amount of experience working with wildlife and as bear guides.

What our Guests have to say...

'I can't begin to thank both Lee and Lindsay enough for the most fantastic fortnight in the Canadian Rockies. Their constant hard work and enthusiasm, coupled with their in-depth knowledge of both the animals and locations, resulted in a trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. A truly magical break filled with so many outstanding views of the diverse wildlife and stunning scenery. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a trip with Lutra Wildlife and Wilderness; I will certainly be returning to Canada as soon as I can manage it.' - RR, UK

'Thank you so much for an amazing wildlife experience and holiday. Your hard work and care is much appreciated. I can't wait to come back!' - CM, UK

'I have had the most fabulous time. Thank you so much for all your care and attention. I'ts been a great trip' - JH, UK

'It's been the most wonderful couple of weeks. Thank you for everything you did to make it so special. Hope this trip is the first of many with Lutra!' - AM, UK

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